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How Weather Can Affect Your Garage Door and What to Do About It

Weather in its numerous forms is one of the most irrelevant game-changers that can cause several issues with its overall operations, functionality, and durability. These elements can significantly impact their performance, from scorching sunshine to tornadoes. You all know when a garage door fails to respond to what happened. So, as a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your garage door with complete care and perfection. So, if you are curious about how weather can influence garage door functionality and the need for prompt garage door repair, continue reading this article, as it uncovers different ways to influence the functionality of garage doors and openers. 

Impact of Weather on Garage Doors Operations 

Garage doors are the most important assets of your commercial and residential properties and are suited to boosting privacy and safety from burglars and malicious intruders. It is composed of different components that unexpected weather conditions can damage. In that case, you should need garage door services for prompt results. In this section of the blog, we will describe some of the most common ways that can adversely impact the efficiency and performance of garage doors. 

  1. Extreme Temperatures

Extreme hot or cold temperatures can raise errors for all brand garage doors. For example, high temperatures can cause garage door panels to expand their curvature, resulting in difficulty opening or closing the door. 

Extreme cold weather can cause the door to contract, which can also reduce the overall performance of the door. In some instances, extreme weather can also cause the metal components to bend and wrap, which becomes more serious over time. If you are the one whose garage door is damaged, it indirectly indicates immediate garage door repair

  1. Rainfall 

Moving on to the next natural disaster, i.e., Rain, can also significantly influence your garage door. Exposure to rain can lead to rust and corrosion of the metal components of your garage door, which can compromise the overall structural integrity and more. Furthermore, heavy rainfall can also lead the weatherstripping on your garage door to decline, causing holes that allow water to enter your garage.

  1. Wind 

Another cause for garage door failure is full-speed wind. Heavy gusts might force the panels to shift or flex, resulting in damage over time. In certain situations, wind can force the entire door to separate from its tracks, which can be hazardous and costly to repair.

  1. Debris and Thunderstorms

During hail and thunderstorms, dust particles and debris storm with them, eventually damaging the garage door panels and affecting the door’s operation and functionality. 

  1. Power Outages 

Sometimes, severe weather events can also lead to power outages that can adversely impact the entire operation and functionality of the garage doors and openers. It makes the door responsive. It’s better to get professional assistance from an expert door repair and maintenance company to tackle this. 

  1. UV Exposure

Extended or prolonged ultraviolet exposure to sunlight can also fade the paint and exterior finish on the garage doors, making it dull. It’s a simple saying that a fainted door isn’t visually appealing. 

Safety Measures and Maintenance Tips 

Suppose you need better garage door functionality and performance. In that case, it’s better to rectify the root causes for the same and seek satisfactory solutions cum maintenance tips to reduce the probability of risks: 

  • For extreme weathers 

Safety Tips: The better tip is to constantly lubricate all the moving parts, mainly in extreme weather conditions, for a smoother run. Also, remember to insulate your garage to maintain a regular temperature level. 

  • UV Exposure 

Safety Tip: Pick a garage door with a UV-resistant coating. And to avoid sun damage, apply a protective coating to the door’s surface.

  • Power Outages

Safety Tip- Install a spare power backup system for your garage door opener or select a manual operation technique

  • Debris and Thunderstorms

Safety Tip: Secure loose garage door components and install a powerful, storm-resistant door for better protection.

Final Takeaways! 

Regular maintenance and upkeep are the keys to smoother garage door operation and functionality in various weather conditions. Suppose you encounter critical garage door issues and want to keep your door in its best condition. In that case, it is better to call a professional garage door company like Garage Door Repair Castle Pines, as we specialize in garage door repair, maintenance, and installation.

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